Built For Fans From The Music Up

Lowground gives control to musicians and their fans by fostering a community built on music. We produce albums, videos and events with input from our Members, not advertisers.  Members get unlimited access to our growing library of content as well as the community that shapes it. 

Founded by Two Brothers in Portland

We launched Lowground records in 2018 to fulfill a lifelong goal of making, sharing and supporting music together. We believe that the best music, communities and companies are built on collaboration and commitment to a shared vision. Lowground Records is our vision for what a record label should be. Our goal is to make as much music as possible for as many people as possible while shifting the balance of power to the people that matter the most: the people who make music, and the people who enjoy it. 

Dogwood Roots Run Deep

Rob Larkin, pictured on electric tennis racket, has been a front-man his whole life. The eldest of 20+ cousins, Rob developed a funk face and love of organizing acts from an early age. He is happiest when he is part of a band whether he is on lead vocals for Rob Larkin & The Wayward Ones, lead guitar for Ronnie Carrier & The Day Terrors or playing Rhythm behind Rene at The Family Jam. 

Owen Larkin, pictured pantless and blond, has always been happy to be there. Whether it is playing bass or managing the business side of Lowground, Owen has always used his skills to keep him as close to music as possible. 

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Owen Larkin

Rob Larkin

Liz Folger

Dylan Lockwood

Macaroni Larkwood

Ronnie Carrier