Lights Are Burning

Lights Are Burning is made up of 10 songs that I wrote in a wave of inspiration, feeling intensely awake to those powerful, fleeting moments of opportunity in life. The title track is about those potent moments that come our way.

A New Sound - Lights Are Burning  

After my band’s Americana /  roots rock album Dogwood Roots, I felt compelled to create a fresher, edgier sound. I was finding new inspiration from all the great current bands that are creating fresh new sounds influenced by vintage soul, funk and rock.

All of these ingredients came together, and what emerged was a collection of songs with catchier hooks than anything I’d written before. Themes range from intensely going after you want, to enjoying love. But the common thread driving each song is that soulful, burning feeling.

Album Cover - Lights Are Burning.jpg

Recording the Album

To capture this burning feeling in an album, I called on the worldclass musicians I got to know during my eight years in LA. I’d long been hearing the sounds needed to bring these songs to life: deep, fat low end from the bass and drums, warm, soulful Fender Rhodes, swelling B3 organ, gritty Wurlitzer and electric guitars, lead vocals with the right mix of grit and soul, rich vocal harmonies…

I developed the vision for this album with producer and bassist, Ethan Phillips. Ethan is a top-notch producer and my favorite kind of bassist, who lays down that solid, grooving low end you can feel in your feet. He's worked with many musicians I love: was the long time touring bassist and Music Director for Brett Dennen, helped produce the new number 1 De La Soul album, and has played with other major acts like Fun, and Fitz and the Tantrums. He brings all of this experience to helping create the right vibe for this album.

In July 2015, we laid down the foundation for each song. We recorded rhythm guitar, bass, drums and Fender Rhodes live to tape in a really fun studio just drenched in good 70s vibes. Such a rich, authentic sound.  

From there, we layered all those vintage and new sounds I wanted, and the album emerged.

We got some MAGIC in those first sessions. The awesome photographer / videographer Kerry Shaw was in the studio with us to capture the process, and give fans an inside view.

Rob Larkin